Grandview House

Care Home

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High Street

Grantown On Spey

Moray, PH26 3HD

Step back in time

Grandview wasn't always a care home. Once upon a time Grandview was a large, luxurious hotel named The Palace Hotel which boasted a huge garden.

garden $_12

Not much changed from the front. (except maybe the cars parked on the street)


A newspaper advert, hard to read but its boasting both hot AND cold water!!! how posh is that?

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palace (2) palace2 palace

Do you have a photo?

If you or anyone you know have any old photos of the palace hotel tucked away somewhere why not send them to us in an email and we'll gladly add them here. We would particularly like to see some from the inside!


If you have actual photos, drop them into Grandview and we'll be happy to scan them for you.

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The Hotel in all its glory

gv complete